Keep My Cool #4 on iTunes Austria chart


Keep My Cool just charted at #4 on the iTunes Austria chart. Here’s a backstory and context around the song.

Keep My Cool is about a carefree day cruising around L.A. It gives me the feeling of a summertime coming of age movie scene. The feeling of driving with the windows down, listening to music with no set destination or time restraint.

Keep My Cool, is part of the first of a batch of songs I stated writing in Toledo, Ohio, saved up money to finish and record in Los Angeles, CA recently. Before getting to L.A., I met up with my longtime friend, Dylan Ely, who owns the studio where we eventually recorded. 

We met up in Las Vegas to do pre-production where Dylan was on tour with Cher. We got to hang by day checking out coffee spots in Vegas and laying out the songs in the EP. From there we headed to LA. Dylan, is also a touring audio playback engineer with Justin Bieber. Dylan reached out to Benard “Harv” Harvey (Justin Bieber’s Musical Director) and producer, to play bass on two songs. We were also able to have Neil Hennessy (The Lawerence Arms/Rise Against, rhythm guitar/co-writer) on drums and in the sessions the entire time in L.A. Neil is a super cool cat, we just hung out in LA’s Chinatown to catch up. To me, the live element gave these songs a more organic feel blending real drums with my programed drums, synth’s and my guitars.

It’s cool to see people around the world connecting to the music. 

Pictured: Neil, myself and Dylan.

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